My Lipoma Has Moved from the Back of my Shoulder to the Top&down Slightly.Is This Possible?

In April,it was measured at 4cm x 4cm. I think there has been some slight growth since then.The bulk of it is still the same but it feels like there is some flatter parts extending out now.I also have nerve issues in that arm and if you touch around the cyst,it feels like pins and needles.I saw an Orthopedic Dr and he said that it is impossible that I have nerve damage from a lipoma.I'm not sure he knows what he's talking about.

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LIpoma and nerve pain

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It is possible for a lipoma to impinge on a nerve and this is more common in areas with many complex structures, such as the shoulder. You may need an MRI to rule out other causes for the pain and tingling. However, I would recommend excision of a lesion that measures 16 sq cm. Additional delay and growth will result in a larger scar and the shoulder is not a great location for scar healing. Definitely pursue a more definitive diagnosis and treatment.

Lipoma changes and removal

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Lipomas may grow and seem to spread. Some become tender or numb. Imaging studies may be recommended but are not always needed. See your doctor or a general surgeon if a lump or growth is found or changing or problematic. Removal may be recommended and may need scheduled in an operating room.

Stacey Whitehead, MD
Council Bluffs General Surgeon


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Start with your family physician. You need an MRI for the shoulder and the lipoma for proper diadnosis. You may need a nerve conduction and EMG for nerve studies. Yhen if you think your lipoma is increasing in size and the diagnosis is confirmed you will need a surgeon, Plastic surgeon to remove the lipoma.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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