My Son is Lipoma or Liposarcoma? My Son is 8 Y/O and Has a Small Bump Like Mosquito Bite On His Chest? (photo)

In the next 4 days is grow and became 12-15 mm ball .touch it he complain that he have pain . run sonogram and all test before operation and send tissue after all to lab. Today we have result that my son have LIPOMA.what is concern me that it grow so fast in 4 days and not soft when you touch it. any idea what test can i run else to be calm shore tumour is lipomaWe currently live in different country Maybe I have to run extra blood test or so ... to make shore that is not liposarcoma witch grow fast.

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Your concerns are understandable. But may lipomas are really fibrolipomas, angiolipomas and can be paifull. But are benign,

To be sure, send the slides to the ARMED FORCES INSTITUTE OF PATHOLOGY (AFIP).

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