Lipoma on Knee of the the Right Leg for 1 Year Old Baby Girl- Options? (photo)

Hello, My Baby Girl,1 year old,got a small soft lump on her knee of right leg very recently. We observed it 4 months ago but assumed its a small swelling created because of crawling. This lump is started paining her from last 7 days and we diagnosed it as "Lipoma" I have attached the report of UltraSound & X-Rays. Please advice me this Lipoma is same as CANCER and is it very dangerous ? What is the treatment we have to go for ? Thanks in advacne. Regards, -Sankar

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Lipoma is not same as cancer

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Lipoma is almost always a benign fatty tumor. A small amount of local anesthesia will be injected in the area of removal. A small incision is made and the lipoma will be removed in it's entirety. The lipoma will then be sent to a pathology lab for diagnosis. These are typically always benign in nature. Make sure you are in a proper setting and a fully accredited operating facility with stand by anesthesia. Best regards!

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