Lipoma on Forehad Recurring for 4th Time in 12 Years, What Should I Do?

I've had it removed each time by plastic surgeon and each time I* have nerve damage to left eye which causes my eye to be a little smaller. It is back again and I'm afraid to have it removed again. Is it possible to have it removed without nerve damage to eye?

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Lipoma Recurrence

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Well, I am sorry to hear that the lipoma recurred again.  Usually these tumors shell out very nicely and its not typical that we leave any behind.  So, the recurrence rate is about 1-2 %.  Some people have experimented with steroid injection to atrophy the fat but that also entails risk to the surrounding soft tissue and potential atrophy of the skin as well.  The best treatment is via surgical excision before it becomes large.  But, these tumors usually grow slowly so there is probably no pressing need.  Make sure that it is sent for pathology the next time it is excised to ensure that it is a simple lipoma.  As far as the nerve issue, if the tumor is in the same place and there was any prior nerve damage, I'm not sure that you should expect further nerve damage.  Ask your plastic surgeon more specifically about that.  The exact location of the tumor determines which nerves could be at risk. 

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