Can a Lipoma on my Back Only Be Visible when Inflamed?

One dr found it, another couldn't, but I'm in pain and always in the same spot.

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Cysts that change size

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The word cyst means sac and cysts are normally named according to the kind of cells that comprise the sac. The most common type of cyst is an epidermal or epidermoid cyst which is often erroneously referred to as sebaceous cysts. In fact, we know that there are no sebaceous glands associated with these cysts so the terminology was changed over 35 years ago. Lipomas are cysts that contain fat cells and they rarely become inflamed. If you have a lump under your skin that becomes red and enlarges when it does so, it it probably an epidermal cyst. If it behaves in this manner, it is likely to continue doing so, and it may eventually rupture and create a painful, swollen, pus-filled, abscess-like reaction. A dermatologist can usually readily diagnose and treat most kinds of cysts in the office.

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It i s possible this is a sabacious cyst that gets inflamed and painfull. when the inflamation is gone the pain is gonee and the cyst gets smaller.

See a Plastic surgeon

Samir Shureih, MD
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