Lipolysis After Facial Liposuction

I had a face liposuction but I didn't get a leaner face. Will Lipolysis improve my results?

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CAUTION: Mesotherapy / lipolysis

First, mesotherapy / lipolysis is not FDA approved in the United States as it is totally unregulated and has not been shown to work. You are taking too much risk with no reasonable benefit.

Second, I am not a big fan of facial liposuction - minimal contouring might work, but if it is done aggressively, contour irregularities tend to show up. (This is different from neck liposuction, where the results tend to be good.)

In other parts of your body, there are 2 layers of fat under the skin, and liposuction is done in the deep layer. This prevents visible irregularities, as the upper layer of fat helps smooth out any irregularities. On the face, important muscles and nerves are in the deep layer, so liposuction has to be done superficially, and this is the reason that irregularities are more common.

If you really have a full face, you could consider Buccal fat pad excision - this is a discrete collection of fat under the cheek that can be surgically removed to help narrow the face.

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Proceed with caution when it comes to facial lipolysis

I would advise extreme caution in the use of lipolysis, especially injection techniques, on your face. This could result in visible scarring as a result of lumps or irregularities. There is very little good data on the use of this modality in the face.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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