Amount of Fat Removed by Lipolite?

I had Lipolite done instead of Smart Lipo. I don't know the difference. However, I'm not happy with the results; only 5.800 mls were removed and 1.7 kgs of anesthetic put in. Sounds very weird to me. The clinic did confirm that I'm the smallest person they have treated, but that makes no difference to me. I have a pinch of fat I would like to remove and they did not remove it! Surely, that says something? Am I right that not much fat was removed?

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These amounts sound odd

Only removing 5.8 ml after placing 1.7 kilos of tumesecnt anesthesia sounds very odd.   I would recommend discussing this further with you surgeon as this would be highly unusual and you may have misunderstood what he or she said.

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Fat removal from Lipolite

Dear Lyns,

I think you need to get the records. To put in 1700 cc of fluid and get out only 5.8 cc of fat sounds very strange to say the least. Maybe there was 580 cc removed and the person who told you made a mistake. Please check for your own peace of mind.

Steven Schuster, MD, FACS
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