Is Lipofilling the Easiest Way to Do Breast Reconstruction, or is There a Simpler Method?

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Easiest Breast Reconstruction Technique?

Lipofilling is perhaps the most difficult method of breast reconstruction.  Reconstruction with flaps or with implants much more straightforward and reliable.

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Lipofilling is not often the only method used for breast reconstruction

Fat grafting techniques have improved a lot in recent years and so the use of fat (lipofilling) is becoming more popular as a component of breast reconstruction. Most often it is used to fill in contours and improve the results of either implant-based reconstruction or flap procedures. It is very difficult to get a sufficient amount of fat to "take" for it to be used as the primary reconstruction however. For that reason it may be done in stages, but each procedure should have a very quick recovery.

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Lipofilling for breast reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction options have generally involved use of ones own tissue with a variety of different operations or prosthetic reconstruction with use of breast implants.  Prosthetic reconstruction, in general may involve less surgery and recovery whereas autologous reconstruction(using your own tissue) may involve quite a bit more surgery, recovery and donor site areas.  Lipo filling has gained some acceptance recently, more for fine tuning contour irregularities after using the other methods and may not represent the mainstay of breast reconstruction at the present time.  Each patient is different and may be better suited for one method or the other.  Full evaluation by a board certified plastic surgeon experienced in reconstructive breast surgery is your best bet.

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The reconstruction options are based on the patient's tissue and expectations

Fat grafting is an attractive option but not a good option for all reconstruction patients. If you have fair amount of breast tissue,lipo filling can be option. This is in multiple sessions. Implant breast reconstruction is the easiest option but has more long term complications. Flap reconstruction is more involved procedure and gives more predictable result in one session. Please discuss your expectation with your surgeon.

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Breast reconstruction techniques

The best way to reconstruct the breast should not be selected because it is the easiest, rather it should be the one that will produce the result you want.  Techniclly, the easiest way would be with implants, the next with your own tissue (flap surgery), and fat injecting used as an adjunct to polish the results of the other two.

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