Is breast Lipofilling safe?

I'm planning upper blepharoplasty, abdominal liposuction and breast lift with dual plane implants. However, I don't want much bigger breasts, so i'm wondering if it would be possible for the fat that they remove from my abdomen to be injected into my breasts instead of the implants? Has breast lipofilling been thoroughly researched yet? Is it considered safe? If so, can I do it just once (I am going overseas for these procedures) or would it require multiple visits? Thank you.

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Fat grafting to breasts

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is certainly more widely accepted now and with a few years of experience, it appears that it is safe but no one can guarantee that.  It isn't dangerous to your well being and it does take more then one session to achieve the results that most want.  But if you go overseas and have complications, you will be paying more out of pocket to have it managed in your country so its always best to stay local.

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Fat transfer breast augmentation

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Fat transfer may be natural and sound like a good idea, there are many problems with it:

1. only one cup size can be achieved
2. some of the re-injected fat calcifies, which could be mistaken for breast cancer on a mammogram.
3. you may develop oil cysts and tissue scarring
4. results can be unpredictable and require many sessions to achieve your desired results.

Currently, there is no research that proves fat transfer is safer than implants (silicone or saline).

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