Is Lipodissolve a Safe Solution?

Im thinking abot getting Lipodissolve as i have a grip of fat i just cant get rid of. I'm scared to get this procedure done as just listening to the negative talk is frightening but then I read positive outcomes and don't know who to trust.

Is Lipodissolve a safe solution for me?

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“Lipodissolve” is a specific type of mesotherapy treatment

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“Lipodissolve” is a specific type of mesotherapy treatment that has been marketed to the public. Numerous dermatologists and plastic surgeons are worried about mesotherapy because they do not know enough information about the procedure. We simply do not know how effective and safe the mesotherapy injections are. The biggest potential complication of the procedure is not knowing or fully understanding what is specifically being injected.

Mesotherapy is a minimal invasive procedure which employs a series of multiple injections of various pharmaceutical and homeopathic chemical agents into the selective areas of fat. Mesotherapy injections target fat cells by inducing fat cells to rupture and/or causing cellular death. A patient may feel burning and irritation at the injection site and experience swelling at the time of the injections and immediately afterwards. The most common agents injected are Phosphatidylcholine/Sodium Deoxycholate.

Please keep in mind that mesotherapy is not FDA approved. The FDA cannot control the use of practitioners performing Mesotherapy because this practice falls under the jurisdiction of state medical boards. Therefore, check with your state medical boards to see if mesotherapy treatments are permitted. I would strongly recommend that you investigate thoroughly this type of treatment before proceding.

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