Is Lipodissolve Recommended for Petite People?

I'm 23 years old, 4'9, and 115 lbs. I'm not fat, I just have love handles that I want to get rid of, like 1 inch. Would you recommend me to Lipodissolve? Thanks.

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Lipolysis (fat melting) with Lipodissolve, Lipostabil, and/or phosphatidylcholine: Caution!

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  1. The brazilian equivalent of the FDA, called ANVISA, has banned the use of one of the primary ingredients, phosphatidylcholine, in Lipodissolve, for use in fat injections. It also stated that Lipostabil, another product containing the same active ingredient does not have sufficient data to support its safety and efficacy.
  2. Health Canada, another agency comparable to the FDA, has stopped physicians from using Lipostabil, containing phosphatidylcholine.
  3. Furthermore the UK has banned the use of Lipolyisis (fat melting) injections,

For further information, proceed to the following link:

Lipostabil®, in which phosphatidylcholine is the active ingredient, lacks clinical studies to support its safety and efficacy:

Do not have Lipodissolve

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Absolutely do not do these VERY painful VERY bad results injections. They have been around for over 20 years, whether they are called mesotherapy, advanced mesotherapy, or lipodissolve. If these injections were so great than why don't more doctors do them? Look at Botox, in 1996 only a handful in each city offered Botox, now 14 years later Botox is available in thousands of doctor's offices. "If it works they will come", not only the patients but the doctors will start doing it. So be careful out there.

Don't do lipodissolve

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Until the proper scientific studies have been done and a consistent formula has been produced that gives good and safe results and until FDA approval has been granted, stay away from lipodissolve.  Read the multiple unhappy reviews on line for this treatment. 

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