No Results After Two Lipodissolve Treatments

I have had two Lipodissolve treatments. I did not see anything and I was measured. My doctor only does one injection in the site and moves the needle around. It does hurt but he only puts the cream on a minute before he begins the injections. Do you think his technique can work in one area if there is only one area being pumped of the meds?

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Lipodissolve results depend on the physician

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When I administer Lipodissolve to a patient, I apply anaesthetic to the area, and leave it on for 15-20min. I then clean the area with alcohol and do injections all over the area being treated. It depends where your doctor is treating you (how large a scale of area) the Lipodissolve solution travels but should be distributed all over the area being treated with multiple injections.

The website below is a list of all certified and trained physicians that specialize in Lipodissolve treatments. You might also need more than 2 treatments, most patients need 3-6.

Good Luck!

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