Can You Get Lipo Done While Losing Weight, to Improve Chances of Sagging Skin?

I have a significant amount of weight to lose. I'm a 5'7 female, 19 years old. I weighed 380 pounds. I'm currently at 330 pounds. As I lose weight, would it be smart to start getting liposuction done now? Will getting the lipo done on my stomach, arms, and thighs, increase my chances of being able to get the shorter incision scars if I had to have a body lift after? I know that the less skin you have to be removed, the shorter the scar.

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Loose skin is main issue

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The main problem with massive weight loss is the loose skin that's left behind. There may be some excess fat, but skin that can't retract to your leaner contour is the main issue. For this reason, liposuction probably won't help as much as you'd like because it's not designed to correct loose skin. It's best to get to your ideal and stable weight, then consider a treatment to improve your appearance. Keep up the good work on losing weight!

Liposuction While Loosing Weight?

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Thank you for your question. Liposuction is not a good weight reduction option. Getting into an exercise regimen, calorie management, healthy food choices, and professional nutrition counseling, and this does not mean the guy/girl at the gym selling "Protein Super X) drink as a diet plan. You need healthy protein, fats, and carbohydrates. All are important, and you need a balance of these and portion control. A lifestyle change is in order if you want lasting benefits for your body and health. I hope this helps.

Vivek Bansal, MD
Danville Plastic Surgeon
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Liposuction to improve body lift later

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Great job!! I would not get lipo now because your skin will not have the elasticity to snap back even if the fat is removed. One you have lost the weight you will have saggy skin and it can be removed at that time. I would wait for 6 months of weight stability before you have surgical procedures. Unfortunately there is no effective non-surgical method.  However, a body lift can truly change your life. Excess abdominal fat  and skin is removed, the abdomen and your core is tightened, your hips are raised and defined and your buttock has new definition and shape.  The combination is powerful and the results are immediate. I would do the body lift first, then stage procedures every 4-6 months. Healing time is 2-4 weeks. The most important thing is safety. Please don't compromise on this! See a board certified plastic surgeon

Liposuction may help massive wieght loss patients

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Even after dramatic weight loss, most patients still have resistant areas of fat that just won't go away. In these cases, liposuction may help patients achieve the final body contour they've been seeking, by removing those stubborn fat pockets. Sagging of the skin is related to the skin elasticity and total loss of volume. No matter how you lose the weight (by diet or by lipo) you may need skin excision to tighten the skin if it is loose and deflated. You should wait until you reach your goal weight (or get as close as you can if you plateau) and then have your plastic surgeon assess you to make a plan for reshaping your body. This may include liposuction and/or a body lift.

Will Liposuction Lessen Skin Removal Requirements After Weigh Loss

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Great job losing the weight.  Beginning the weight loss at a young age will minimize the chance of long-term health problems.  Liposuction is a body contouring procedure that removes fat only.  It is not a weight loss procedure and it will have absolutely no effect as far as contracting skin.  Liposuction will not change the skin resection requirement during a body lift.  If you loose a significant amount of weight, you will need a significant amount of skin removed and liposuction cannot change that fact.  Consult with a plastic surgeon certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery to discuss body contouring options and scar placement. 

Philip E. Fleming, MD
Nashville Plastic Surgeon

Can You Get Lipo Done While Losing Weight, to Improve Chances of Sagging Skin?

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Invest your time and energy in losing weight, not liposuction,  Liposuction would be quite fruitless. The skin is already stretched out, and liposuction will not change the course of skin recovery for the better. 

Congratulations on a good start, keep it up.


Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Can You Get Lipo Done While Losing Weight, to Improve Chances of Sagging Skin?

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     I think that I would not recommend liposuction in the hope that the skin would be better after all of the weight is lost. 


Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Liposuction is NOT a method to lose weight

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Hello 'kitty24079', thanks for your question.  It is great that you have been able to lose weight given your morbid obesity status.  As you know, obesity can lead to many medical problems and illnesses, and is a major epidemic in our nation.  In fact, the USA is considered the nation with the highest percentage of obese individuals, surpassed only recently by Mexico.  The best way to lose weight in a healthy manner is diet and exercise.  Liposuction is definitely not a solution to losing weight.  In fact, although liposuction may remove significant amounts of fat, this usually exacerbates the amount of loose skin, which can lead to longer incisions to remove all the excess skin.  Liposuction is mainly indicated in patients with certain 'problem areas' that do not respond to diet or exercise, such as the 'love handles' or 'saddlebag' regions.  Liposuction can be used in preparation for a body contouring surgery to remove the last bit of fat, but again this will if anything lead to removal of more skin with longer scars.  However, this is not necessarily a bad thing since once you decide to have a body contouring surgery, you need to understand that the trade-off for a nice contour is to exchange your loose skin for significant scars which can be noticeable in a bathing suit.  There is no magical way to remove a lot of excess skin and fat without scars.  Realistic expectations is an important discussion you should have with your board-certified plastic surgeon.  Good luck!


Parviz Goshtasby, MD, FACS
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

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