Lipo of Upper/lower Abs, Flanks & Bra Roll. Incision Sites Are All Below my Navel. Did He Operate on All Requested/billed Areas?

I had 900 cc of "pure fat"removed through lipo of upper/lower abs, flanks & bra roll. My incision sites are all below my navel. 1 is horizontally placed above my pubic area, 1 on each hip bone, and 2 on my back; inserted slightly less than 1.5 in laterally from each sacroiliac dimple. Are these "normal areas" for lipo sites for upper abs and bra rolls? It seems almost impossible to reach these areas using the incisions below my belly button and near my si dimples. Then again, I'm not a surgeon..

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Lipo and incision approaches

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It is best tospeak with your surgeon regarding the areas of liposcution treated. Only he will know for sure.

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Entrance Sites For Liposuction

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Entry sites for liposuction are often at some distances from the treated sites. The suction cannulas used can be quite long, ofte 18" to 24" in length. What was treated should be evident in the short-term by pain, swelling and bruising of the treated areas and in the long-term by the results seen.

Normal areas for liposuction

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The 'entry' sites for liposuction depend on the areas suctioned, patient positioning, and proper concealment. It is possible to reach the upper back from a low entry over the hip. Did your surgeon do what he said? The evidence should be in your result.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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