Lipo Swelling on Thighs

So I on friday I got lipo on the inner thighs and knees. Today I return to work and my things started swelling like crazy. I sit down at work and had my foot up on a box. I dont understand why it feels like my skin is about to burst from swelling. I even tripped up the stairs today at work.. How can I alliterative this swelling?

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Minimizing swelling after liposuction

It is not only common, but expected that there will be some degree of swelling after liposuction. Swelling  occurs because of the fluid that is placed during the procedure that hasn't escaped or been absorbed yet, and because of the trauma of manipulating the tissue during the procedure. Swelling may be worse in the summer versus the winter.

Here are some tips to minimize swelling:

  • wear your garment as instructed by your physician
  • elevate your legs above your heart after work for a couple hours (read, watch TV/movie!)
  • gentle massage of the areas stimulates the return of fluid to your circulation
  • walking, not standing around or sitting, helps to mobilize the fluid
  • every few hours lay down on the floor and elevate your legs on a chair at work (if you can)

I hope this helps.

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Swelling post liposuction

It is not uncommon to have post operative swelling in the legs following liposuction.  The lymphatic drainage has been traumatized.  These vessels will heal.  It takes time.  Sometimes patients are not as diligent in wearing their liposuction garments.  There tends to be more swelling if the garments are not worn.  Sometimes, I need to encourage patients to take off their garments at night and rest with their legs elevated above the level of their heart to facilitate drainage of the legs.  By morning, the edema has subsided.  Speak to your surgeon.

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Lipo and swelling

Are you wearing your compression garments? Contact your board certified plastic surgeon's office for their post-operative recommendations and instructions.

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