I Have Had Multiple Liposuction Procedures in The Last Few Years, Am I Addicted?

Hi,I have had 6 lipos,starting with ab's and back ,then outer thighs,inner thighs,arms and want to go in for another one soon,i am 52 ,its become more of an addiction. 

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Addicted to liposuction

Well, as long as the areas you have had treated and are considering were areas where the liposuction was indicated, I see no problem, but you need to know that using liposuction for contour control and not doing the other things like diet and exercise will come to the point where the addiction will not help because you will gain fat in areas either where the fat cannot be removed or it will require excisional surgery.

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Have Had Multiple Lipo Procedures in The Last Few Yrs, Am I Addicted?Answr:

It really depends on what you are wanting and why... If you really could benefit from the procedures then its not really addicted...But if you go for repeated consultations and the doctors are not agreeable to operate, then you might be!!! And it depends too if you have the ability to be happy with your results too!!!

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Addicted to liposuction

I don't think anyone can be addicted to liposuction, or cosmetic surgery, though we do know that some have self esteem issues or a distorted perception of what is a normal and expected outcome. If you have doubts seek professional counseling. Hope your surgeon is your advocate.

Best of luck, peterejohnsonmd.com

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Addiction and liposuction

If you seriously think you have an addiction to plastic surgery, it is best to talk to a specialist like a psychiatrist about these issues.

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Addicted to Plastic Surgery?

Thank you for the insightful question.

It sounds to me like you may already know the answer;  you are also probably aware that counseling will serve you better than further plastic surgical procedures.  I would suggest that you ask  your family practitioner/internist for a referral to the appropriate professionals in your community.

Congratulations on your self awareness.

Best wishes.


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Lipsuction "Addiction"

There is a large disorder Body Dysmorphic Syndrome or Disorder (BDD) that is commonly seen in Plastic surgeos' offices. It involves people who are not satisfied with their appearance and undergo multiple procedures to try and improve it never being satisfied with each procedure leading to more dissatisfaction. 

Plastic surgeons often unknowingly operate on such people and realize it only after acceptable and even great results are deemed a failure by the patient. But to knowingly operate on such individuals in the hope that your operation will make them happy is a grave mistake. 

Without a face to face examination and review of past and present photographs, it would be hard to definitively state that you have BDD. However, 7 liposuction procedures is excessive and I would love to have a surgeon to surgeon discussion with your Plastic surgeon(s) to see what's on his(their) mind.  If YOU think you may have BDD ( which is rare for a BDD patient), you may want to be evaluated by a Psychiatrst experienced  in this field. You may wish to contact Dr. Sarwer on the University of Pennsylvania faculty , a world expert in this field. 

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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