Lipo on Stomach, Fat Transfer to Breast, and Planning for Pregnancy Pregnancy, Should I Wait?

My question is two prong. I am going to have jet lipo on my stomach. Will my skin get loose and stretchy if I later decide to have a baby. Don't I need the fat for elasticity? With less fat will I be more stretched out? Also, fat transfer to breast interfere with breast feeding?

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Lipo and Fat Transfer to Breast and Pregnancy - Factors to consider

If you are planning on becoming pregnancy in the next few years or so, I would wait. Pregnancy is a wild card. For example, your breast could become huge or hardly change, and afterwards your breasts could shrink in size and droop to a variable extent. The same variability goes for your tummy. Although you do not need fat for elasticity, you may gain a large or small amount of weight with your pregnancy and depending on whether it is a high or low pregnancy the stretching can be localized to the lower belly or more spread out. The more your skin stretches with pregnancy the more  (belly or breasts)  loose skin you will have. I guess what I am saying is that the reason "mommy make overs" are so popular is that most women and their plastic surgeons feel the ideal time to improve your body is when it is stable again, not right before you are expecting major changes.

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