Lipo for my Stomach Which Looks the Same, What Can I Do?

I had vase lipo on my stomach, bra, line and flank area, my stomach look the same flank are has fat and i need to know if the doctor sad he would do a free touch-up on the area's can refuse later.

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Liposuction "didn't work"?

You don't mention how long ago your liposuction was done, but it does typically take at least 6 weeks to see decent results.  Your results should continue to improve for about 6-9 months, assuming you don't gain weight during that time. 

Did you see a surgeon who is Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (a "real" plastic surgeon) or did you see a "cosmetic surgeon" (who could be your family doctor who recently decided to do lipo in the office)?  If you saw a plastic surgeon, go back and discuss your concerns with him/her. If you saw a cosmetic surgeon, I recommend that you seek a second opinion consult with a plastic surgeon.  That opinion may help you in your discussion with your original doctor.

Arrangements for "free touchups" may exist, but you might expect to at least pay for surgical supplies or OR time.

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