When Can I Work-out After Liposuction?

When I should start begin to work out cardio and other excersises I had lipo and scar revision for c-section scar, before my surgery I used to excersise.

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Can you Work out Right after Liposuction? Light walking immediately as tolerated, then easy increases daily.
Usually, 2 weeks after the operation you may exercise, in order to modify and diminish the adhesions between the skin and the tissue. Walking, swimming, or a stationary bicycle can usually begin a few days after surgery. Wait at least 3 weeks to begin aerobic exercise.
As with all operations, pain and discomfort varies greatly from patient to patient. Generally, one should expect that pain medication will be required for the first several days. Continuing discomfort can last varying amounts of time.
Much of the swelling and bruising will be improved by two weeks; however, some will persist for 6 to 8 weeks. It is often difficult to see significant changes in the body shape before this time. If you have any concerns, notify your plastic surgeon.

Exercise after Surgery

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Thank you for your question. Many physicians have different opinions on exercise after surgery. As a general guideline , I tell my patients the following. No aerobic exercise for 10 days, then low impact aerobic for 10 days , then restrictions based on comfort only. Of course, you should always check with your surgeon for post-op instructions.

Workout after liposuction

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My patients get individualized instructions often, after surgery, as thier surgey might be very different from another patient's. I may need them to wait longer to return to the gym because of the amount of work done in key areas that could make it more tender or even add to the risk of bleeding or developing seromas (lymphatic fluid collections). Ask your surgeon based on the surgery they did for you as to when you can return to exericse, and what kind of exercise.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Wait on Workout

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I am of the opinion you should wait 4-6 weeks to start cardio workouts.  I like to give the skin time to settle against the body.  Vigorous exercise will cause skin movement and produce fluid beneath (seroma) the skin which may be difficult and time consuming to treat.

Dr. ES

You can start to work out after liposuction when your doc advises it.

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Only your doc will know how much your body went threw with your liposuction and only he can advise you on when to begin workouts.  The newer techniques have allowed earlier workouts and faster recovery such as beginning workouts in 1 week. 

David Hansen, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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Liposuction restrictions

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If you just had liposuction I would say 2 weeks  is probably a good amount of time, but since you had a scar revision of your abdomen( c-section) you may want to wait 3-6 weeks.

Activity/Exercise limitations after liposuction: usually 3-6 weeks - some are more & others less.

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It is best to ask your surgeon. Not all liposuction procedures are the same and some require greater activity restrictions than others. Typically inidividuals may resume exercise from 3-6 weeks after surgery. However, some may begin sooner and others later (seroma formation for example).

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