Is 875mg 2/Day Enough for A Hard Lump After Lipo-Ex?

Here is the link to refer back to my original question about what to do. As recommended - I went to see an off-hour doctor - he gave a an RX for Amoxicillin 875mg 2 per day. Would this be sufficient for the lump, from Lipo-Ex that is red warm and tender? Did not draw blood just examine and RX.....cannot get in to see a B S ASPS

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Lump after Lipo-ex

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The purpose of an antibiotic is to treat infection. If your "lump" is not an infection, then antibiotics will not treat it. Rather than seeing an off-hour doctor, I think it's time that you went to see a board certified plastic surgeon. If you are unable to obtain an appointment, then perhaps you should consider presenting yourself to a hospital emergency room to which one could be called.

Antibiotics after liposuction

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Ordinarily antibiotics are not needed after liposuction, thought we do use a prophylactic dose just before the procedure according to surgical care guidlines. The amoxicillin dose you are on is 'standard' and is only needed tor treating an infection after. An aspiration of the hardened area for culture might give your doctor better guidance as to the best antibiotic for the specific infection, or confirm that you do indeed have one. You should continue the medication as prescribed, until your doctor tells you otherwise.

Best of luck,

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Augmentin for a lump

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Augmentin is an antibiotic to treat an infection.  If there is not an infection, it will not help. If the lump is fat or fat necrosis the antibiotics wil nothelp.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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