Lipo on Side and Back of Legs 2 Months Ago and Legs Still Very Tender?

I had lipo 2 months ago on the sides and back of my legs and the back of my legs are still very tender to touch. It's even uncomfortable to sit for very long. I've also noticed that the swelling is also very bad by days end after a long day at work. I understand that swelling can be present for up to 6 months but some days it's very bad. I've tried massage on my legs but after about 3 -5 minutes I've had all I can take! Ouch! I'd appreciate any advice.

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Liposuction on legs and pain at 8 weeks

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It is a bit unusual for you to have pain at 8 weeks after liposuction. Swelling on the other hand can be persistent for some time.  You should probably see your surgeon to be evaluated.

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Lipo Swelling and Pain 2 Months after Leg Liposuction

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    Swelling in the legs after liposuction can be slow to resolve due to most people being on their feet or sitting for work every day.  Any time you can elevate your legs at work or throughout the day will help.  The less swelling you develop throughout the day, the less pain you will have.

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