After lipo to outer saddlebags and below buttocks 10 yrs ago, cellulite is still bad, also front of thighs (Photo)

Can cellulaze be used on areas where I had lipo and can you treat the front of thighs too

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Cellulaze for Cellulite

Cellulaze is the best minimally invasive procedure to remove cellulite. A consultation with your surgeon will help you better understand if Cellulaze is a good option for you. Good luck!

New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Cellulaze after liposuction

Cellulaze can definitely be used in areas where you previously had liposuction. It is safe and effective.  The photos show cellulite that can be treated with Cellulaze.  Find a surgeon who has experience with that modality.

Theodore Diktaban, MD, FACS
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Cellulite treatment after liposuction

Your liposuction was ten years ago, and I am assuming your posted photos are current.  Therefore, I would have to postulate that either you have had cellulite all along and it was not addressed at your original surgery, or your skin has thinned and lost some tone over the years and the cellulite has become more apparent.  Either way, your photos appear to demonstrate Grade 2 cellulite which is very treatable with Cellulaze.  Find an experienced, skilled surgeon in your area.  Good luck.

Robert Stroup, Jr., MD, FACS
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon
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Is skilled and experienced Cellulaze surgeon can improve this type of cellulite.

Remember that the Cellulaze Laser cannot think. It is only a tool. The results are entirely dependent upon the skill and experience of the Cellulaze surgeon. Seek treatment from someone who has a lot of experience and a lot of before and after photos showing improvement in your type of cellulite.   Cellulite may be successfully treated in any area including cellulite on the front of the thighs.

Mark Taylor, MD
Salt Lake City Dermatologic Surgeon
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Cellulaze can be used on areas of lipo

I've used cellulaze to smooth old lipo on many occasions. Sometimes it needs to be staged with fat transfer to deeper depressions for best result.  Anterior thighs can be done as well.  It does help. 

Daryl K. Hoffman, MD
San Jose Plastic Surgeon
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