Lipo As my Last Option for Double Chin?

Hey all. I am 23 years old. I have always (since 7th grade) had a double chin. Both my parents have it, & neither are overweight. I am not overweight either, I have nice muscles and a pretty flat stomach. 30 waist. This chin fat just wont go anywhere. I eat real clean but its there even when I got down to 140, and I looked way too skinny (minus of course that chin!). Seeing as how I must be genetically predisposed, lipo would be my last option? Does this look like a typical case? Thanks guys!

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Lipo a good last option for double chin and Chin Implant may help as well.

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You are correct that a double chin may be inherited from one or both parents even in thin fit people.

Liposuction should help significantly. On the neck I prefer to use Laser Assisted Liposuction called Slim Lipo because in my experience the Laser lipo leaves smoother skin and achieves good skin tightening.

You may also want to consider a Chin Implant. Many people who inherit a double chin also inherit a small chin. The Chin Implant can be done at the same time as Chin or Neck liposuction and the combination often produces the best result

Lipo is a great option for double chin!

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You would be an ideal candidate for chin liposuction!  The fat is small, localized and cannot be reduced by diet or exercise.  Your skin is elastic and I would not expect any skin laxity following the liposuction.  Liposuction in this area gives long lasting results.

Liposuction a good option

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If you are motivated to do something about your chin ten liposuction with or without a chin implant is an excellent choice.  The liposuction will help to reduce and contour the unwanted fat underneath your chin.  The chin implant helps to provide a little more forward projection of your chin and adds to the effect of your liposuction.  Keep in mind that there are many different types of chin implants so not everyone winds up with a broad square "manly chin".  The implant can provide a minimal but satisfying enhancement in your natural appearance.

Edgar Franklin Fincher, MD, PhD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon

Neck lipo for double chin at 23

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It is likely genetic and at your age liposuction may be a reasonable option because your skin will naturally tighten after the excess fat is removed.. Check with a plastic surgeon in your area.

Liposuction for double chin

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From your picture and your age, I believe you would be a very good candidate for chin/neck liposuction.  Adding Ultrasound assisted liposuction (Vaser) or laser assisted liposuction (smartlipo) would also help tone and tighten up your skin.   When you go for your consultation, be certain that your surgeon is a board certified plastic surgeon.

Lipo As my Last Option for Double Chin

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I would recommend Smart Lipo + lipo for your chin area. seek opinions from boarded surgeons in your area. Be careful make sure you are completely informed as to what to expect. 

Full neck in a young individual: liposuction and/or chin implant

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Liposuction is most definitely an option. Another consideration is the use of a chin imlpant which can enhance the appearance of the profile. You may want to consider imaging this for yourself.

Reasonable Candidate

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I believe that you are a reasonable candidate for liposuction of the chin.  This would improve your profile.  Seek an exam and consultation from a couple of board certified plastic surgeons.

Good Luck

Dr. ES

Kybella for Improving Chin Contour

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Your is a very common problem. While liposuction is always an option, there is now a newly FDA Approved injection that can melt away under the chin fat. It typically consists of 2 sessions spaced one month apart. It is best for patients with good skin tone and no neck muscle laxity.
This is now a viable non-surgical option for patients such as yourself.

Greg Chernoff, MD
Indianapolis Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.7 out of 5 stars 32 reviews

Chin Liposuction

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Your neck should be evaluated by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, then your goals, then a plan of action.  You should be a good candidate, barring any health concerns, and the results we see are best with localized neck fat and normal weight combinations.

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