Lipo or Neck Lift? (photo)

I'm 46 years old and considering neck lift or lipo. I would prefer lipo because it is less invasive but I'm concerned that lipo is not going to sufficiently tighten my loose skin.

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Liposuction or neck lift

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The question asked is:

I'm 46 years old and considering neck lift or lipo. I would prefer lipo because it is less invasive but I'm concerned that lipo is not going to sufficiently tighten my loose skin [photos enclosed showing moderate amount of fat under the chin and moderate loose skin].

Answer: it appears to me that your case falls on the borderline category or either doing liposuction or neck lift. I would recommend starting with liposuction only. It may be enough to not only get rid of the excess fat, but can create enough scar tissue to help tighten the skin back to a reasonably good position. The advantage is that it is a "quick and easy" procedure that can even be done in office and has little downtime. If for some reason liposuction doesn't give you the ideal result, then you haven't burned any bridges and you can do a necklift down the road.

Tyler Plastic Surgeon

Lipo or Neck Lift?

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      A lower face and neck lift will be the procedure of choice to get you to your goals.  This will address the loose skin, the muscle, and the fatty deposits.  Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of face and neck lifts each year.  Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Which Choice? Necklift or Lipo

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Although it is difficult to be exact without actually examining you, my impression from your photos is that you have enough skin looseness to warrant a necklift.  Liposuction only reduces the superficial fat between the neck muscle layer and the skin.  It does not tighten any muscle or skin.  Therefore, although the  lipo will reduce the fullness of your neck, it will not necessarily make your neck firmer or as smooth as you might want.  That is where a necklift will help by tightening muscles and skin.  In some younger patients whose skin has fairly good elasticity, if the problem is mainly excess fat, then liposuction can be successful by reducing the bulk and allowing the skin to redrape in a smooth fashion.  For this to work, the skin must have good tone or elasticity and the amount of loose skin should be minimal.

Would a neck lift give me better results that liposuction?

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From the pictures that you have provided, it appears that your most comprehensive improvement would be from the combination of a facelift, necklift, and liposuction. These procedures are routinely combined and give very nice results. If you only want to address the neck, I would combine both a neck lift with liposuction of the neck in order to get the best result. Make sure to consult with a qualified facial plastic surgeon who will give you a number of options.

Todd C. Miller, MD
Newport Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Lipo vs Neck Lift

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The answer to your question lies in your expectations.  If you are mostly concerned with the fullness in the area below your chin, then liposuction might be a good choice.  If the muscle banding and skin laxity are your issues, they might better be addressed with a neck lift.   Since you are asking, I would recommend a neck or facelift.  Why a facelift?  Because the excess tissues that show when your neck is bent forward are best handled with a face and neck lift.  It has to do with reducing the skin envelope by pulling up and out as well as back (the direction of pull in a neck lift).  Then again, if your expectations are very modest, skin tightening with a non invasive modality may suffice.   

Liposuction or neck lift in a 46 year old?

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Thank you for your photos. Sagging of the neck can occur at all ages. In younger age groups it is often fat on its own that causes the problem. As we age the neck skin and platysma muscle become lax contributing to sagging in the area.

In your case, removing the fat would still leave you with lax skin and muscle and may make the problem worse. A properly performed neck lift on its own or in conjunction with a lower facelift would be more effective for you. There is no question the recovery from this type of surgery would be longer but likely worth it. See the attached web page for a description of recovery time from a lower facelift, as well as a video that explains the procedure. All the best to you.

Thomas Buonassisi, MD
Vancouver Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Necklift VS Neck Lipo

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Liposuction in an area that has too much excess skin will leave behind the excess, especially once the skin has lost some of its elasticity. You are more likely to benefit from a neck lift or mini lift in conjunction with neck liposuction, which will help get rid of the excess skin and the unwanted fat and give the whole area a more rejuvenated look. “Dr. D”

I'm 46 years old and considering neck lift or lipo.

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 Th reality is that Liposuction of the neck and face can not be done alone after the age of 40.  The skin will not shrink enough to accommodate the smaller volume and there will be increased (not less) loose skin.  Some type of Necklift and Face Lift will be required from the photos presented.  

Neck Liposuction vs Neck Lift vs Facelift

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Liposuction is for excess fat in the neck without extra skin. If you use it with excess skin, the extra skin will remain, even if the fat is gone. Neck and face lifts remove the excess skin. They may also liposuction the area if there is excess fat. Both will improve the neck, but a facelift will improve the face and jowls as well as the neck. I, therefore, prefer the facelift and rarely ever do a pure neck lift since both take about the same time, cost about the same and have the same recovery, but the facelift achieves significantly more.

Robert T. Buchanan, MD
Highlands Plastic Surgeon

Face-neck lift versus neift versus liposuction only

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 To properly address aging changes in the neck there are 3 components that must be addressed, excess skin, fatty deposits in the neck and platysma muscle  bands. A comprehensive lower face-neck lift will address all 3 of these issues with removal of fat in the neck, tightening excess skin, and tightening the muscles. A neck lift will only address removal of fat in the neck and anterior platysma-plasty. A neck lift will not address excess skin of the neck. Liposuction in the neck alone will only remove fatty deposits above the platysma not the subplatysmal fatty deposits.   Simple liposuction of the neck will not address excess skin.  Please see the link below for examples of what can be accomplished with a lower face-necklift in our practice

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