Lipo on my Upper and Lower Abdomen 4 Days Ago. When Can I Start Sleeping on my Stomach Again?

This past thurs. feb. 21st, I had liposuction on my upper back, triceps, and on my upper and lower abdomen. Originally I'm used to sleeping on my stomach but ever since the surgery I have been sleeping on my sides and back. Although, sleeping on my sides is barely comfortable and sleeping on my back I can only do for a little while. I haven't had a decent night sleep since wed. night. And since my surgery I've been sleeping with my garments on. But when can I begin sleeping on my stomach again?

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When Can I Start Sleeping on my Stomach Again?

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It is best to ask this of your surgeon.

But you don't have too many choices for position, and you can only control consciously how you lay down while still awake. 

There should be no harm from sleeping on your stomach.

All the best.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Recovery after Liposuction

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Most patients are back to normal activity the next day after liposuction. It may be uncomfortable to sleep on your abdomen, but it should not cause a problem with your surgery. Of course you should always check with your surgeon and follow their specific post op instructions.

When Can I Start Sleeping on my Stomach Again?

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You should, of course, talk to your own surgeon about this - but I generally let my patients sleep however they can during the early (and uncomfortable) post-op period.  In general, sleeping with one's head elevated on 2-3 pillows and a pillow or two under the knees is most comfortable and takes the strain off the back.  However, you may not want to sleep directly ON the operated area.  In that case, I would say that you can sleep on your stomach now.  And you should also get up and move around every few hours while awake.  Drinking plenty of fluids will help keep you hydrated and, since you'll have to go to the bathroom, will help with movement, too.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

Dr. E

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Most patients can resume normal activity the day after liposuction.

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After liposuction of the abdomen it may be uncomfortable to sleep on your stomach. However, it will do no harm to the operation and if you feel more comfortable sleeping that way in my practice you would be permitted to do it.

Lipo on Abdomen and Back and Sleeping on Abdomen

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   I allow my patients to sleep in whatever position is most comfortable with the garments intact.  However, this is just one opinion, and your plastic surgeon will have his or her own protocol.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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