Lipo 3 Months Ago. Why Do my Thighs and Buttocks Seem Bigger?

I had lipo done 3 months ago of lower back, flanks, lower abdomen, hips, buttocks and inner thighs. My buttocks and thighs seem bigger. I am not able to wear a smaller size but previous clothes fit slightly better in the waist. I def do not seem more contoured. My weight is the same as well. My surgeon states he removed 3800ml total. I have asked my surgeons office and keep getting told it could be swelling. Please help?!

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Liposuction 3 months ago

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It is not uncommon to have edema or swelling that can last months following liposuction.  I usually ask my patients to BE patient for 6 months or so before they evaluate the results.  If your surgeon removed 3800cc, that is a considerable amount of fat and unless you have gained weight over the past 3 months, I would expect that you will see a difference.  Hopefully your surgeon too preoperative photos, and you can ask him or her to take follow-ups to compare.  

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