3 Months Post-Op Lipo to Thighs, Hips, and Flanks. Scar Tissue has Formed Making it Difficult to Exercise, Suggestions?

he removed fat from thighs, hips and flanks.after 7 weeks i noticed a niggle in hip area.this has gotten increasingly worse and i can no longer exercise without pain.i have seen a sports therapist who examined upper leg muscles and found no tightness which could be causing the pain however she does think she can feel scar tissue at the top of the tebsor fascoae latae muscle . it does make sense to me that surgeon would have passed over this area to reach flanks from groin incision. and advice ?

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Reasons for pain and contour issues aftre liposuction

If you three months out from liposuction, then, odds are, you will continue seeing some changes in your contour.  You will continue to see softening of these areas as you lose swelling and bruising.  Some minor contour issues can also work themselves out with massage only.  If there is a mass that feels very firm or as if it has fluid in it, you may have a hematoma (or blood collection) in the tissue.  These also absorb over time in general and rarely need drainage.  Please go back to your original surgeon and ask to be examined.  It may be a very benign process that just needs some more time.

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