Lipo w/ Fat Transfer - Swelling and Indentations After Doctor Changed Procedure

i had lipo 6 mo. ago. i'd askd dr. to do abdomen & lower back. he suggested that i also get fat transfer into my buttocks. He told me after the surgery that my fat was so healthy & he couldn't get enough so he removed some from my upper thighs (which I'd never asked for). After surgery I retained enormous amount of fluid & gained 13# & my ankles cracked. He gave me lasix to relieve this.

My main concern is..still have pain & swelling in my thigh/midsection & dimpling in my legs NOW! Had to get steroid shot in my butt in June due to allergic reaction & now indentation at fat transf scar. Help!

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Problems after liposuction and buttock fat transfer

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I would suggest you get a second opinion, and certainly for anyone to offer you worthwhile advice they would have to examine you directly.  That said, sometimes circumferential liposcution around an extremity, such as your thighs, can lead to more prolonged swelling and recovery.  Dimpling, if a result from the liposuction and not pre-existing, sometimes benefits from fat injection to fill in the dimple.  If mild, perhaps a non-surgical treatment like Accent could help the contour/texture of the dimple.  Not sure if the steroid injection has anything to do with indentation at "fat transfer scar" - occasionally a steroid injection will lead to atrophy and dimpling at the site of the injection itself.


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There are a number of issues here that require further examination and evaluation.  It is best for you to be ssen by a board certified plastic surgeon to see whta can be done.  It is possible to do revisions after liposuction and I have performed a few with pleasing results.

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