If I Get Lipo How Many Days After Can I Get Butt Implants?

i was going to get lipo done on my Buffalo Hump Upper Abdomen Lower Abdomen Pannus or Apron Love Handles Lower Back Pubic Buttocks Banana Roll Upper Arms/ Triceps Back Bra Rolls/ Upper Back Chin/Jowls how maney days later can i get my butt implants done ?? or i have to wait weeks or months??

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Buttock implants after liposuction

The general safe rule of thumb would be to take 6 months to heal completely from your liposuction operation before undergoing another operation such as buttock implants.  However, if your tissues are maturing and recovery nicely and soft in the area of the buttock by 3 months post-op, it may be possible to consider the operation as soon as then.  Most importantly, because very few surgeons perform buttock implants, make sure to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in this procedure.  Glad to help...RAS

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Brazilian Butt lift

Why dont you have the liposuction to these areas and use the fat to transfer to the buttocks.

It sounds you are doing a lot  of lipo and will have a lot of fat to transfer. It will feel ltter than butt implant. Even if it is not much fat, you can do the fat transfer and if you want more butt then you can do the butt implant.

The other issue if you have a pannus the best treatment for that is a tummy tuck, not a liposuction. You will end uo with wavy skin and empty pannus. It sounds your surgeon doing the lipo is not a Board Certified  plastic Surgeon (American Board Of Plastic Surgery) if so re-evaluate.

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