Lipo lower ab, sides, and luv handles. Should I be worried about swelling?

Today I'm 5 days post op. I have a lot of swelling and fluid moving around like crazy. I'm very sore and in pain when moving. It hurts and difficult to lay down, get up, go to the bathroom. I'm not worried about the swelling it's the fluid that scares me. I'm also wondering is it normal practice for the surgeon not to supply the compression garment, but tell you any girdle is fine. I've spoken with some people that have had Lipo and they were supplied the garment and they were up and about

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Significant swelling five days after liposuction is common.

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I wouldn't be too concerned about the magnitude of swelling five days after liposuction. In most patients it is significant and may take a number of weeks to resolve.

Liposuction swelling

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It is normal to be very swollen after liposuction.
You will be more comfortable with a surgical garment.
If your surgeon will not supply one, go on-line to Marena garments and order one for yourself.
Get it a size larger than your usual size because of your swelling. Best wishes.

Swelling after liposuction

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It is extremely early to judge anything. If your surgeon is a board certified plastic surgeon who does a ton of liposuction you are in good hands. As for the issue of is very controversial. The surgeon who provide patients with garments are many, I'm one of them. But there are no studies, none, that show any difference in the results. Double blind controlled studies have been performed and the photos at six months shown to independent plastic surgeons reviewed no difference in both groups. I hope this answers your questions and I wish you both patience and luck.

Ayman Hakki, MD
Waldorf Plastic Surgeon
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Concerns after liposuction

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Is not unusual to experience all the things that you're experiencing after liposuction.  It is unusual for your surgeon or your surgeon's office not to provide you with the compression garment.  The is garment is very critical to manage fluid, swelling and discomfort.  It also helps with the final shape.

What is "normal" after liposuction

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It is normal to experience a lot of swelling. 5th day swelling is just starting. 
If you feel fluid "waving" and moving that is not normal. 
Attend your doctor it might be a seroma and very easy to treat and manage but only your doctor can do it. 
Dr. Cardenas

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