Can Lipo Injection in Both Thighs Make 1 Smaller in Shape Than the Other?

i did a lipo injection 1 week ago in my thighs and i see that 1 thigh is smaller than the other plz help is that possible

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It is not clear if you had liposuction or injections to dissolve the fat. Injections can give uneveness as well but it may be too early to evaluate the results. I agree to check back with you doctor.

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May take months after liposuction to see final results

Since your surgery was only one week ago, it is difficult to comment on your outcome due to the amount of swelling in the area. If it's grossly abnormal to you, then bring this to your surgeon's attention just be assured that it is in fact due to swelling. A certain degree of asymmetry may be noticeable after liposuction, but I recommend you follow up closely with your plastic surgeon.

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