Lipo for Lumps from Cool Sculpting (Zeltiq)? (photo)

I have a golf ball size lump from Cool Sculpt.Did another Zeltiq right at that spot only--no results. Waited 6 months did again-- lump hasn't changed. It is just fat, Dr. agreed. Maybe more fibrous & fat can't move out? Will lipo work on such a small spot treatment? I am afraid to cause myself more problems. Can they really blend it in and make it even with the other side? Am I in danger of lumps, outline, dents, bumps? Which lipo would be most effective for such small area? Thanks

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Lump after CoolSculpting complication

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Is the lump after CoolSculpting a complication such as the rarely reported paradoxical adipocyte hyperplasia in which fat cells engorge whether from inflammation or from fat engorgement or from inflammation, or is it from a hernia that preexisted the treatment with CoolSculpting but wasn't noticed? If it is fat, focused liposuction with small cannulae can improve the contour but despite the small risk, an indentation can occur. 

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Lumps after Coolsculpting

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We have two years of experience with Coolsculpting and have not seen lumps resulting from Coolsculpting, any asymmetry that may persist after treatment however, could be treated with Exilis fat recontouring.

Steven Hacker, MD
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Liposuction for small fat bulges

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Liposuction would be a good way to remove the small bulges that were not responsive to coolsculpting. I prefer laser liposuction for these small areas as the small laser fiber cuts through the fibrous tissue very easily. Any experienced laser liposuction physician should get a good result.


Other options would be a device like liposonix or ultrashape and in the future injectable lipolysis with product from Kythera or Lithera (when approved)

Jason Pozner, MD
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