I'm 16 yrs old, 5'6, and 180 lbs. Lipo With Fat Transfer To Butt?

I'm 5'6 180 and i want to get lipo and get it transferred into my butt. The problem is that im 16. ALMOST 17. I have discussed this with my parents and they have no problem with me doing this. I have struggled with weight all my life and i diet and exercise regularly. I get to 160 then i go back up to 180. Its been like that for years. My body is very mature for my age. I grew quickly as a child. Is this even possible to be done at 16? If it is, are shady surgeons the ones doing it?

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I'm 16 and looking to have a BBL.Can I get it done?

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The BBL is fast becoming one of the mot popular procedures. But as with most cosmetic surgeries it is strongly advisable to wait until at least 18 years of age. Your body can still change and your needs may change too. You reaally should hold off until you turn 18, although if you seek hard  enough you may find a doctoe who may operate now.

Buttock Augmentation at 16

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Most plastic surgeons recommend waiting until the age of 18. Your body is still growing and changing. You may be able to find a surgeon that will perform the procedure with your parents' consent. Make sure that the surgeon you choose is board certified in plastic surgery.

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