Will Lipo-Ex Affect my Fertility?

I had Smart-Lipo done. Unhappy with the lumpiness and unevenness, my doctor recommended Lipo-Ex. I am concerned that it might affect fertility, as I still want to have children. Can you tell me if it will affect my fertility? Thank you.

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Avoid Smart Lipo and Lipo-Ex, they are gimmicks

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To concerned777,

Hi! I don't know ANY experienced, board certified plastic surgeon who uses these things.  They are marketing tools.

Sounds like you need competent revision liposuction, and this will certainly not affect your fertility.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

If Lipo-Ex goes as deep as advertised I would be concerned

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I do not use Lipo-Ex and so I am not an expert. If however the machine sends radiofrequency energy deep into visceral fat beneath the muscles, I would be concerned if you are trying to get pregnant.

No one can tell you whether or not radiofrequency energy transmitted deep beneath your muscles can or will effect your reproductive organs or a fetus.

Since there is no information, it is best to exercise caution and avoid it if you are trying to get pregnant.

I have had good luck smoothing post liposuction lumps, bumps and contour deformities using the SlimLipo laser liposuction. see before and after pictures of SlimLipo smoothing of post liposuction contour deformities. ( April pic # 10)

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