Does Lipo or Brachio make sense at my weight? (photo)

Recommendations for 30yr 300lbs woman wearing 2x shirt with 5x arms. 23" Biceps I am 5'11 300lbs, down from my highest weight of 416lbs. I lost the weight naturally and while the rest of my body is shrinking and shaping up the arm fat is like meat off the bone. Since losing 116lbs they've only gotten 3" smaller, leaving it impossible to find clothing that fit. I have a goal weight of 200-210lbs and workout 4-6x a week. I'm even studying to become a personal trainer to make this a permanent lifestyle change but extremely frustrated with sinking fat.

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Am I an Arm Lift Candidate?

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- I would definitely recommend waiting until you are at your goal weight before undergoing arm lifts (brachioplasties). You will likely be left with an abundance of loose skin, and a brachioplasty can take care of this, whereas liposuction will not be able to remove the excess skin. - If you wait until you are closer to your goal weight, your results will be much improved, and the likelihood of complications will decrease as well. -Congratulations on your efforts to lose so much weight, and best of luck to you!

Does Lipo or Brachio make sense at my weight?

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At this point, I would recommend further weight loss. If the surgery (brachioplasty) is performed now and the weight is lost is afterward, the surgery will have to be repeated.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Brachioplasty With Adjunctive Liposuction

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Thank you for your question. Neither procedure is appropriate alone. The best aesthetic outcome would be a combination of a brachioplasty with adjunctive liposuction to reduce the circumference of the arm. This can be an issue for some weight loss patients. Consult with a surgeon experienced with this technique. Best wishes.

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