Would Lipo Be Beneficial for Me?

I have been unable to achieve a flat stomach from diet and exercise due to trouble areas of fat on my lower stomach. Would lipo help me to achieve this goal and can you tell if it would it be a minor surgery in my case? Would recovery time be long? Any advice would be great. Thanks

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PHOTOS: liposuction or exercise

Your candidacy for liposuction would easily  be determined by a skin pinch. However, my impression is that the vast majority of your fullness is due ot muscle laxity. Consider undertaking a core regimen or exercises to help flatten the abdomen as practiced in Pilates.

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Does Liposuction faltten the stomach?

A protuberant abdomen may be due to the following:  1) subcutaneous fat 2) intra-abdominal fat 3) weak abdominal muscle 4) spine curvature.  If the abdomen feels soft, the fat is likely subcutaneous and can be aspirated.  If the abdomen feels firm, the fat is likely intra-abdominal or if the contour is dramatically improved by contracting the abdominal muscle or lying on your back, liposuction likely will not be helpful.

Robert Sleightholm, MD
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Liposuction as an option

Liposuction works best on patients who are of relatively average weight, but who need help with a problem area, or with shedding the ten pounds they regain between diets. If you have good skin quality and minimal sagging, you make an ideal candidate for liposuction. Although there’s no substitute for good diet and exercise, sometimes there’s only so much we can do to reverse nature’s cruelties. That’s where science comes in. The procedure takes about an hour, the recovery takes just a couple of days, and there's virtually no scarring. I use several innovative forms of liposuction, including SmartLipo, in order to contour and resculpture the area while providing the most beautiful results with minimal scarring. SmartLipo, used in combination with other forms of liposuction or alone, is a procedure that uses laser light to liquefy fat and tighten the surrounding skin. Liposuction as an outpatient procedure under I.V. sedation can easily reduce the bulge that some people have in their abdomens. Because liposuction stimulates the skin to tighten, good elasticity provides a smooth contour after fat is removed.

Michelle Copeland, MD, DMD
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Selecting the Right Procedure vs No Surgery

Liposuction is not the right answer for you.  It appears you have some muscle laxity of the abdomen?  Would not recommend any operation for you.  If this not a satisfactory answer for you then visit with a plastic surgeon to get a complete evaluation.

Dr. ES

Liposuction for the abdomen

Liposuction  may be  great treatment for your abdomen if it is just to remove some fat.  If you need muscle tightening than other techniques may be better.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Improving your abdominal contour.

Thank you for your photos, they help in formulating my response.  You appear to be in excellant shape with little excess fat or skin of your stomach.  The curvature of your stomach may be due to an excess curve of your lower spine (lordosis), internal fat which is around your intestines, or stretching of the abdominal muscles so they bulge forward.  None of these would be improved by liposuction.  Working on your core muscles may be the best option for a nonsurgical correction.  If you chose to do liposuction, you likely would see very little improvement and the procedure could create contour abnormalities which would be very difficult to correct.  Laser liposuction, in spite of aggressive marketing claiming otherwise, does not work to tighten the skin.

Jeffrey M. Darrow, MD
Boston Plastic Surgeon
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Stomach shaping: what works?

There are four things that can give you fullness of your abdominal wall: 1. fat; 2. skin excess; 3. weakness of the abdominal wall; 4. intra-abdominal fat ( around the intestines) Diet and exercise helps with fat. Surgery can help with the first three. Liposuction helps reduce fat but your skin quality must be reasonable. If it is not,  you may require skin excision or a tummy tuck. This also addresses weakness of your abdominal wall. Don't believe the hype about laser liposuction, it is not a skin tightening procedure. There is no scientific data to support this, just a lot of hype!

Jeffrey Kenkel, MD
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Liposuction vs. tummy tuck

Before you launch into having a procedure that may not help enough, you should see a board-certified plastic surgeon to ensure that you have enough fat to reduce via liposuction. You may have a diastasis or weakening of the abdominal muscular so that it bows forward pushing the fat and skin with it. In this case a tummy tuck would be best. If however you have a spinal excessive curvature, a lordosis, then this may not be able to correct.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Liposuction for the tummy.

If the fat is outside the muscle in excess, then yes it would help. If the fat is inside the abdominal wall or due to posture, it won't.

Toby Mayer, MD
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Would Lipo Be Beneficial for Me?

You would achieve VERY little improvement. But if you still wanted lipo I would recommend ONLY SMARTY LIPO. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl J. Blinski, 305 598 0091

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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