I had lipo and tummy tuck a month ago my drain was removed but still accumulating liquid in my tummy how long does this last?

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Still accumulating liquid in my tummy how long does this last?

You have a "seroma" .
This is not an uncommon scenario that can occur no matter how good and careful the surgeon is. It usually resolves with multiple aspirations and wearing your compression garment.
Sometimes, in rare events, fluid is "loculated" in multiple pockets. Fluid aspirations may not be sufficient and the surgeon may have to re-insert the drain.
You need to adhere to your follow ups and hopefully this unfortunate issue will soon be over. Good luck.

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Seroma after tummy tuck

It depends on whether the fluid is the normal post-operative swelling or if it is free fluid, called a seroma. 
If you have a seroma, it needs to be drawn off in your surgeon's office with a needle at least 2 x a week.
It should gradually decrease in size and stop forming. Otherwise it is likely to become permanent.
This is known to happen after tummy tucks but it needs proper treatment. 

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