What Do Your Recommend For a Balanced, Hourglass Figure?

I weigh 179lb & 5'4.I have 2 c-section & during the past 3 yrs I have gained & lost weight. I consider myself to have nice shape legs/arms but I have hanging belly & love handles & no butt.I have a wide back & wide hips. Because Of work I only have 2 weeks off, I can't do what I really wanted which was a TT. Really want a nice hourglass figure with a big butt but I don't want a ugly hanging belly, even though the Dr. Said he recommended a TT. What can I do to get that nice balance figure????

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Brazilian Butt Lift & Tummy Tuck

Your request is similiar to most of my patient.  From your description, you would benefit from a butt augmentation with liposuction of your love handles and a tummy tuck.  Many times this can be performed in a single stage with 2-3 weeks of downtime.  If you have a low tolerance to discomfort,  you may opt to split this operation into two separate procedures. Just know that your request are achievable if you select a surgeon who specialize in this type of makeover.

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The right candidate for a Brazilian butt lift


The Brazilian butt lift is beautiful and effective way to contour your torso, create a flat tummy, a small waist, sculpted back, full hips, and round new bottom. In our practice here Miami, we commonly do the Brazilian butt lift at the same time as a procedures if the patient requires it. To get the results and the beautiful curves that you are looking for, be sure that you are working with a plastic surgeon who is board-certified by the American board of plastic surgery and has extensive experience in not only the Brazilian butt lift but liposuction, fat grafting, body contouring, and many different types of tummy tucks. A tummy tuck may be performed at the same time is a Brazilian butt lift to gather and tighten loose skin that can occur after liposuction. Please note that this combination is much more challenging than a Brazilian butt lift alone and it is very important for you to discuss with your doctor the type of results you can expect and more importantly what the postoperative course will be like for you. In our practice, we typically provide the patient with specific postop garments that we have designed for this procedure as well as inserts into the garment that can help guide the healing process and accessories that the patient may use while sitting to avoid pressure on to these areas.

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Common Sense will Protect You

Hi there-

I am as proud of my Brazilian Butt Lift results as anyone- but cannot possibly believe, nor would I allow you to believe, that a brazilian butt lift is going to be a reasonable alternative to a tummy tuck for you. (Of course, a consultation and exam would be required to know what is best for you definitively).

In fact, one of the more common things I find myself saying to patients during their consultations with me for a Brazilian Butt Lift (if they are mothers) is that they are probably going to need to consider a tummy tuck in a few months in order to maximize the abdominal outcome. 

Liposuction is a critical component of a BBL, and with all liposuction, it is reasonable to expect a bit of skin contraction... But reality and human anatomy cannot be denied by any patient, surgeon, or technique.

If you have had 2 babies by c-section, and additionally have experienced other weight gain and loss cycles, and indeed have yourself realized that a tummy tuck is necessary to achieve the appearance you want for your abdomen, it should be common sense that any procedure that does not address the changes that resulted from pregnancy (stretching of your muscles and skin) will leave you unhappy.

There are several things that you, and all patients should learn from this:

  • You wanting to believe that there is a short cut option that will allow a flat tummy and a larger bottom at the same time, and with a short recovery, makes you vulnerable to those who would say anything to get your business
  • There are many doctors who would exploit this vulnerability by promising things that could not possibly be- knowing that by the time you've figured out that the short cut offered did not get you to the same outcome as the procedure you really needed they already have your money
  • Short cuts in plastic surgery are never advisable, and neither is choosing a surgeon who seems all too eager to tell you what they think you want to hear, despite your common sense telling you otherwise
  • These are all reasons why choosing the right surgeon, for the right reasons, is the very most important decision you will make.

Be careful, and realize that you, and you alone, will have to live with the results of the surgery and the financial responsibility of your decisions for the rest of your life. Be sure that the information you based these decisions on is information given in your best interests, and not the best interests of the surgeon giving it to you.


Armando Soto, MD, FACS
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Brazilian butt lift and loose skin

If you want to improve the buttocks the Brazilian butt lift is the answer. Tummy tucks only make the stomach flat the Brazilian butt lift with its liposuction make the curves and the curves are where it's at.

With superficial liposuction skin will contract it's just a matter of how much will a contract. I'm done several patients that most people would say have to have a tummy tuck and have done the liposuction fat injection and then done a mini tummy tuck after because the skin contracted so much the full length of the scar was not necessary. This is possible that a person who has strong abdominal muscles in good abdominal fascia.

Look at my website and the before-and-after pictures and you can see some patients that have had incredible amounts of skin contraction with the Brazilian butt lift and avoid the scar of the tummy tuck. If you like you can always e-mail photos to me and I can tell you what procedure I think might work for you.

Wendell Perry, MD
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Tummy Tuck

If you want the best results then you need to do the right surgery, not half measures. you will not be happy with half measures and will be upset with your doctor.

Do the surgery when you have the time to recover and heal

Samir Shureih, MD
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