Is Lipo Advisable for Significant Belly Fat Before 2nd Pregnancy (G. Diabetes During 1st)? (photo)

Just turned 43, was obese when I got pregnant with my 1st (born this year), gained approx. 80 lbs. during that pregnancy, & had insulin-dependent GDM. I've lost 60 of the 80 lbs. and have hit a wall. Given my age & trouble bringing a pregnancy to term (lost 4 prior pregnancies, & gained 65 lbs, in the past 5 yrs), I'd like to try to get pregnant one more time ASAP but am concerned about being even heavier this time, especially with all the new belly fat. Could lipo help?

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No liposuction recommend

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No, I do not think that you would be happy at all with liposuction.  I recommend that you continue diet and exercise prior to pregnancy to be as healthy as you can be when you become pregnant.  If you feel you must have this addressed prior to pregnancy, you may consider and skin/fat only tummy tuck without muscle tightening. After pregnancy, you may then consider the possibility of full tummy tuck if you wish. I hope this helps.

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Liposuction - Advisable in between pregnancies?

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Advisable is an interesting word....the real question is whether lipo is likely to produce a result you'll be happy with and, in view of what you describe and your appearance, I would say probably not.  I think you should finish with your planned pregnancies and, after that, start a program of diet and exercise to get yourself down to a lower weight that you can reasonably maintain.  There's no point in a crash diet that lowers your weight to a false level, only to have it go up again.  And once you're stable at that weight you can consider a surgical procedure which will most likely be a tummy tuck or possibly even just a panniculectomy.  But choosing, and having, that procedure now would be premature, based on what I can tell.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,
Dr. E

Is Liposuction Advisable to Reduce Obesity?

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Very interesting question. You are essentially asking if Liposuction would be a valid treatment to reduce resistent obesity which MAY be associated with your diabetes and which may have been related to your many miscarriages.

It is VERY important to work up the cause of your miscarriages (Rh factor, preposensity to clot such as Factor V Leiden mutations) etc before saying it was the obesity. Although there have been a few papers that claim liposuction could ease or reverse obesity related diabetes, many other articles refute it and insurance companies will never pay for it. Moreover, only 10 pounds can be removed with liposuction in an outpatient setting. Your diabetes will raise the likelihood of potential complications associated with liposuction and the operation most likely would not significantly increase your fertility.

In my opinion you should consult a fertility expert first before considering Plastic Surgery. At age 43, even without obesity and diabetes, you may be a very high pregnancy risk. Most ethical Plastic surgeons would be very uncomfortable performing Liposuction on you as a potential fertility enhancing vehicle. 

Peter A Aldea, MD


Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Liposuction Candidate?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

I do not think you are a good candidate for liposuction surgery.

As you have “hit the wall”,  you may be better off with consultations with your internist,  dietitians/ and nutritionists and/or personal trainers.

After you have completed pregnancies,  and have reached a longer term stable weight,  tummy tuck surgery will be beneficial.

I hope this helps.


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Your posted photos show excess skin and fat above and below the belly button level, an apron of skin and fat that hangs below the pubic bone and lax abdominal muscles. Liposuction will do nothing for the skin and muscle components of the problem. It sounds like you only want the liposuction in order to lose weight so you will not be as heavy during the next pregnancy. That is not what liposuction is for and when the procedure is turned into a weight loss procedure the complication rate goes way up.

I hope you realize that this format of posting questions and receiving answers lacks the face to face direct communication required for you to make an informed decision regarding your surgery.

My response to your question/post does not represent formal medical advice or constitute a doctor patient relationship. You need to consult with i.e. personally see a board certified plastic surgeon in order to receive a formal evaluation and develop a doctor patient relationship.

Aaron Stone, MD
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Liposuction and weight loss

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Just based upon your photos, it looks like you are too heavy to get a significant improvment from liposuction. I think that it is probably better for you to lose more weight and get to an ideal weight for your height or at least close before undergoing any type of surgical correction.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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