Had Lipo About 4 1/2 Months Ago and I Was Skinnier Right After Surgery Than I Am Now. How Will I Know if I'm Still Swollen?

It has been about 4 months and 2 weeks since I had lipo of flanks, stomach, inner thigh, and bra line. Right after my surgery, my stomach was SO flat and then swelling set it and I ballooned up. I haven't gone back down to that smooth, flat look. Shouldn't that be my final result since it was right after surgery and the swelling hadn't yet set in? My doctor said that my swelling has mostly gone down, but I don't look nearly as skinny/flat. Will I ever get back to that right-after look?

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Swelling after Liposuction

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swelling after liposuction is very very common. it can take months for the swelling to go down. if the swelling was related to the procedure as suggested by your sugeon its very likely that it will go away completely.  

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