I Had a Lip Suspension Done 3 Weeks Ago. I Now Have Hard, Swollen Nodules at the Cartilage on Both Sides of the Septum.

I also have hard swelling on my philtrum. My surgeon is conservative and does not want to do steroid injections in the cartilage or the philtrum. Do I need to be concerned that this will be permanent, and form scar tissue? How long does all the swelling typically take to go away after a lip suspension? The Dr. did cut muscle but not skin.

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Lip Lift Nodules

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Hopefully the nodules you mention are slowly improving with time.  I am personally unaware of a lip lift where the muscle is cut but if sutures were placed in the areas of the nodules, time is probably the best treatment for you.  As mentioned, steroid injections are not without risk and can lead to more issues down the road.  Find the reassurances you need from your surgeon as he/she should be able to guide you through the recovery and healing process.

Redding Plastic Surgeon
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Nodules after lip suspension

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Lip suspension implies a suture or some other method of holding (suspending) the lip....could the nodules at each corner be the suture placement locations?  Your surgeon is the best source of information at this point.  Injecting steroids can cause indentations, from dissolving soft tisses and may not be appropriate.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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