Lip Scar Tissue. Is this normal?

I did a lip reduction surgery 14 months ago, and now I have a hard scar tissue which I been massaging on it. The scar turned white and still tight after a heavy massage. is it good or bad? It's been still white and hard for hours.

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Scar Tissue treatments


It seems odd that it has taken 14 months to have your scar to form. Generally this far out the wound has remodeled and any scar tissue would have presented itself sooner. You mention that it is white and hard for hours? How long has it been present? There are other things that can present in the lips that will feel firm. 

My advise would be to follow up soon with either your original surgeon or a facial plastic or oral surgeon who could take a look and feel for you. 

Based upon a diagnosis, they could make a good treatment plan to deal with the issue. 

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