Lip and chin are out of proportion, do I need a lip reduction? (photo)

do i need a lip reduction? I just had a large size chin implant 10 days ago. My chin was badly recessed before and even after an implant my lip still protrudes quite a bit. Would filler ( juvederm) in my labiomental crease help my lip protrude less? Should I go for a bigger chin implant?i just want my profile to look balanced

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Options for chin augmentation

Dear Baby

The lips appear to be normal and attractive. Reducing them would reduce their projection only minimally, very possibly distort them and, most importantly, not address the real issue which is the projection of the chin in relation to the structures of the entire face.

To suggest what you should do requires more information than you provided. Here are some things that anyone considering chin augmentation should consider:

How do your teeth come together? If you have a significant over bite then mandibular advancement to move part of the jawbone and the chin forward may be the best option. This is best done before an implant is inserted.

You say you had a large implant but then ask if you should go with a larger one. If there are larger sizes available then of course a larger size would create more projection. You will need to wait to recover from this procedure first before having a revision.

In a young adult where the chin has always been small there is often limited ability of the skin covering the chin to stretch . In this situations fillers usually only help a little (advancing the bone or using an implant will stretch the skin). The best options if the skin is tight is Radiesse for an immediate but temporary improvement of up to about a year. Longer lasting options are Artefil and Sculptra. These require time to stimulate the body to create collagen and usually need more than one injection to get their maximal result.

Best wishes and good luck,

Dr Curtis Perry

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Lip and chin are out of proportion, do I need a lip reduction?

I think a larger chin implant may produce a nice improvement, but an exam is always helpful as well as preoperative photos.

Find a board certified plastic surgeon who performs hundreds of facial procedures and chin implants each year. Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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