Is Lip Reconstruction Possible for Me? I Was Bitten By A Dog As a Child. (photo)

I was bitten by a dog when I was 3 years old, im 19 now, id just like to know if from the looks of my lips if it can be reconstructed to look more even with no lumps. Also if I could hide the actual scar or make it less noticeable that would be great too. if you could explain what you can and can not do also, it would be greatly appreciated.. I went to a plastic surgeon in Canada N.S, Halifax when I was 16.. he told me there was not much he could do to change it.

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Lip Reconstruction

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It looks like the original injury left a triangular piece of lip attached inferiorly and now you have a thickened scar. A combination of scar excision and Z-plasty will help you.

Scar Revision of Dog Bite Injuries helpful for most

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This is a common deformity for plastic surgeons to correct. The goal is significant improvement with a less noticeable scar. In your case it would correct the scar separation of your white roll (ridge at top of your lip) and to make the scar on the pink portion of your lip flat and less noticeable. Make sure you go to a board certified plastic surgeon.

Lip scars following dog bite

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It looks like you have a thickened scar in the vermillion (or red part) of your lip as well as a slight step off at the white roll-vermillion junction of the lip.  This is certainly a correctable problem.  My personal approach is to excise the portions of scar and to close the wounds meticulously to match the white roll-vermillion junction perfectly.  This will require extending the scar into the white portion of the lip in order to realign it properly.  Afterwards, a scar management protocol is required to make sure the scars don't thicken or darken.  I have seen excellent results in my experience with this approach to restore symmetry and eliminate unsightly scars in a single surgery.

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Scar revision of your lip CAN result in a nicer contour and less noticeable scar

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Scar revision of your lip CAN result in a nicer contour and less noticeable scar. With regard to the prominent scar on your red lip, these can typically be repaired with excision and meticulous wound closure. The scar on the white part of your lip (difficult to precisely assess in your photos) can usually be repaired similar or with dermabrasion (sanding of the lip skin). With regard to excesive bulk, scar tissue can be removed or rearranged to remedy this. With limited information from your pictures I think that a revision would be helpful but I'd recommend seeing an experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon for further consultation.

Thank you for your question.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Lip scar

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You have two scars forming a "trap door deformity"

The pictures are not very clear , but may be excision of the two scars to make it one scar, or a Z plasty will improve it

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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