Is it possible to do lip reconstruction after having damage from silicon injection?

Injections where done in Mexico in 1999, some of the silicone has been removed thrue the years in diferent surgeries, some of the lip was removed because it was very damaged after that it was replaced with tissue from inside my cheek. It seems like there is nothing else to do to improve the appereance of my lip. I am still missing an important pice of my center upper lip and it dosen t let me eat without covering my mouth, or even speak clearly, and some of my teeth are exposed. thank u

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Lip Reconstruction after Silicone Injections


The simple answer is yes it is possible. However, the extent of the reconstruction and results will depend on what you lip looks like now....

So it would help if you sent or posted a pic of your lip.



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Lip silicone removal and reconstruction

Our office specializes in reconstructing the lips after injection of silicone. Treatments may include non-surgical or surgical techniques to replace the function and cosmesis of the lips after silicone injections. 

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