What Are My Options For A Lip Reduction?

I've been wanting to make my lips stop protruding out for a long time, and my dentist says that if I remove 4 teeth (ouch) and get braces, my mouth will go in and my mouth protrudes because of my jaw. But when I poke it, it feels like there's just a lot of lip fat or tissue or something, and I was wondering if a lip reduction could help me? I want the lips to not stick out for a side profile, but could I get that done without really decreasing the size of the red part of my lips?

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Lip Reduction Considerations

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A lip reduction could be just what you need.  But be be aware of the causes of your lip protrusion. If the cause can be corrected, such as protruding teeth, you might want to consider addressing that first.

There are several factors influencing lip protrusion..These would be your age, ethnicity, genetics and tooth position. Lips are thicker when you are young and get thinner as you age, the pink part (vermilion) becomes more rolled in and appears to become thinner over time as well.  Many dark skinned people have thicker lips as we all know.  The lips are supported to a large degree by the teeth; a toothless person will have sunken in lips; a buck toothed person will have overly thinned lips that may not close completely.

The part of the lip that is reduced is just behind the point where the lips touch each other.  This should not result in reduction of the vermilion.

Good luck.


Large lips : good or bad

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Without photo's it is difficult to say what is best. Normally I would go only by the size of the lips and not the teeth position Lip reduction would be an easy procedure to preform .

Walter D. Gracia, MD
Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon
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