I'm considering a lip lift to shorten the distance between the nose base and the top of the upper lip? (photo)

But I'm not sure if it's the real problem. Could be the sagging of the cheeks that pulls down the area and make it protrude in a weird way? It also seems that the philtrum columns and dimple as well as the white roll have lost definition. Do I need a facelift or a lip lift? If both, which 1st? Thank you. (I'm 44 years old, had fat grafting all over my face 12 months ago.)

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Lip Lift vs. Facelift

Without seeing pictures, it is impossible to say what your exact facial needs are. At just 44 years old, however, it would not seem unlikely the answer to your lip concerns would be a facelift. A lip lift is one option for lip rejuvenation but not the only one.

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