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Hi. I have a very long space between my nose and upper lip, but my upper lip itself is fairly thin. If I just have a bullhorn lip lift, won't that make the vermilion part of my upper lip seem to disappear? Would something else need to be done as well?

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Lip lift and lip volume

A bullhorn lip lift shorten the distance between your upper lip and nose, and would not cause your upper lip to disappear. It can actually make more of your vermilion show depending on the technique. It does not add volume to the upper lip however. Making the upper lip fuller can be done by a variety of methods. My favorite two methods are either fillers (which are temporary), and dermal fat grafts (permanent unless removed), where skin and fat can be taken in a thin strip (from a previous scar or from a hidden area) and inserted into the upper lip to give a very natural appearing fuller lip.

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Even with a lip lift procedure, you may still need an implant to augment your upper lip.

Bullhorn lip surgeries are helpful but you may still need to augment either the vermillion border or the mucosal pink part of your upper lip with a permanent implant which is done easily under local anesthesia and can be done together with the other procedure.  Sincerely,

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