Is It Normal To Lift the Lip From the Outer Nostrils?

I have lot of fillers in my upper lip. Getting a revision rhinoplasty and minor lip lift at the same time. Pouty upper lip because of the fillers. So I am getting Hyaluronidase to dissolve the fillers before surgery. I also want corner lip lift so I could get a nice result instead of just a "Geisha" lip lift. But doctor says that he is gonna lift my lip from the side of my OUTER nostil, into the nostril and to the other side of the OUTER nostril. SO that the corners are lifted. Is this a good idea?

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Lip lifts from under the nose

I do agree that any lip lift work should be done from under the nose (nostrils) as the scar from a lip lift around the mouth is totally unacceptable. I doubt that there will be any significant lift to the corners of the mouth by this approach though. Surgical work in the corner of the mouth area is also unacceptable because you will always have an unnatural looking scar in this area that make-up will not cover. A pre-auricular facelift ( in front of the ear only )will lift this area nicely or you can try Juvederm filler work.

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Lip lift from outer nostrils

Many thanks for the photo with superimposed arrows and delineation of expected scar location!  I wish I knew how to do this with photoshop. 

Regarding your lip lift, you are asking for a second opinion from surgeons who have not seen you, listened to what you really want, examined the size and shape of your lips, and viewed the lips in the context of your face.  The photos do not show the entire lip.  It is common to lift one area more or less than another to meet the unique needs of each patient.  Austin and Weston who initially described the lip lift described several variations, and the number and type of variations are limited only by the assortment of patient presentations and surgeons' creativity. 

If you have doubts or questions, these are best addressed prior to making an incision with the surgeon who will make that incision.

Steve Laverson, MD
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