Lip Lift - Swelling After the Procedure or Too Much Skin Was Removed?

I had a bullhorn lip lift procedure almost 11 weeks ago. The upper lip is still too short for me to loosely close my mouth, its middle part is triangular in shape and pushed forward. I also have an impression that it pushes the base of my nose making it go forward (so the nostrils are more visible) - is it possible and normal? Can I suppose the procedure was not performed correctly or is it still swelling and I just have to wait (how long)?

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Short Upper Lip After Lip LIft

At three months after the procedure much of what you are seeing is the final result. It probably takes a full 6 months for the inevitable small degree of 'relapse' to occur. (some recurrent lengthening of the upper lip) The problem of not having lip competence is a concern but that may still improve with more time. It would be reasonable, although uncertain how helpful, to do lip stretching exercises by pulling done on your upper lip with your fingers. You may be able to achieve some more lengthening of the upper lip.

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